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CM Lodestar, 1-Ton Motor Model L Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist

Rigging | Motors

#CAT1338 LODESTAR ELECTRIC CHAIN MOTORLegendary in performance, professional riggers around the world have come to rely on the CM Lodestar® for the most demanding and challenging applications....

217 Available

From: 1,410.00

To: 48,620.00

CM Lodestar, 1/2-Ton Motor Model

Rigging | Motors

#CAT1905 Standard lifts of 10, 15 and 20 ft. Standard push button drop is 4 ft less than lift. Other options available upon request.  115V, 230V/460V. Meets ASME / ANSI B30.16 . Easy access...

78 Available

From: 1,290.00

To: 2,100.00

Prolyft, 1-Ton Motor

Rigging | Motors

#CAT2901 The Prolyft hoist can boast on a reliable service network. Unlike other manufacturers, Prolyte has set up a world wide network of Service points, who all are equipped and trained to supply...

75 Available

From: 2,355.00

To: 2,355.00

Stagemaker, SM10 1-Ton

Rigging | Motors

#CAT2146 • Compact design for better space utilization on stage, in trusses and on the truck• Quiet operation - can even be used during performances• 5-pocket load wheel (six on SM16)...

30 Available

From: 1,595.00

To: 1,765.00

Verlinde, Stagemaker SM 5

Rigging | Motors

#CAT4951 The STAGEMAKER® COMPACT is specially adapted for handling stage and theatre props ; it enables loudspeaker, lighting and stage props etc... to be positioned with precision and total...

12 Available

From: 1,420.00

To: 1,670.00

Stagemaker, Verlinde

Rigging | Motors

#CAT2689 STAGEMAKER motors and accessories meet today’s demanding market requirement and lead the way to the future. STAGEMAKER hoists are recognised worldwide as the future...

9 Available

From: 1,450.00

To: 31,180.00

Skjonberg, Lifting Equipment

Rigging | Motors

#CAT4644 Skjonberg Controls does more than just control motors; lifting equipment can be designed to meet your needs. Since the late 1980’s, we have been supplying wire rope drum winches,...

9 Available

From: 20,590.00

To: 52,950.00

CM Lodestar, 2-Ton Motor Model R

Rigging | Motors

#CAT1906 Lifts - Standard lifts of 10, 15 and 20 ft. Standard push button drop is 4 ft less than lift. Other options available upon request.Voltages - 115V, 230V/460VCertification - Meets ASME...

8 Available

From: 2,350.00

To: 2,350.00

CM Lodestar, 1/4-Ton Hoist

Rigging | Motors

#CAT2151 The Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist is a highly versatile materials handling device that can be used to lift loads that are within itsrated capacity. The mechanical features of these...

4 Available

From: 10,890.00

To: 10,890.00

CM Lodestar, Clasic Chain Motor

Rigging | Motors

#CAT4155 Operating, Maintenance & Parts Manual 1/4 To 2 Ton 250 Kg. To 2000 KgSwivel Hook Suspension (includes items 627-701 thru 627-706 for B , C & F, J, L& LLIncludes items 627-701 thru 627-706,...

4 Available

From: 1,895.00

To: 1,895.00

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