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J. Thomas Engineering, 20.5 x 20.5 General Purpose

Rigging | Truss

#CAT4705 20.5" x 20.5" General Purpose truss manufactured from 6061T6 or 6082T6 Aluminium using 2" x 0.125"wall and 1" x 0.125" wall tubes. It is supplied as standard...

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From: 599.00

To: 599.00

Total Structures, Element 12

Rigging | Truss

#CAT1564 Element 12 provides an improved alternative to Generic Light Duty truss and has similar applications. A compact design that is ideal in situations where ceiling height is limited and for carrying...

44 Available

From: 1,599.00

To: 1,899.00

Tomcat, Medium duty truss 20.5 x 20.5 plated

Rigging | Truss

#CAT4707 Standard lengths are 10’, 8’ and 5’Custom lengths available upon requestEquipped with boltsMain chords are 2" OD x 1/8" aluminumDiagonals are 1" OD x 1/8"...

31 Available

From: 299.00

To: 350.00

Tyler Truss System, 12x12 Silver Truss

Rigging | Truss

#CAT2985 Loading values show maximum loads between supports in addition to the self-weight of the truss.Loading values are based on propietary information provided by Tyler Truss System.Calculations...

15 Available

From: 500.00

To: 500.00

J. Thomas Engineering, Truss 20.5

Rigging | Truss

#CAT4820 James Thomas Engineering offers several different truss designs and truss systems for any type of event, conference or show. Some of our most common trusses are our general purpose...

13 Available

From: 590.00

To: 590.00

Tyler Truss System, STACKMASTER

Rigging | Truss

#CAT4708 Designed on a 12" x 12" box truss platform, the Stackmaster™ takes an industry workhorse to a new level. Stacking locators on each end of the truss create a secure framework...

10 Available

From: 650.00

To: 650.00

Tomcat, MK1 / MK2 / MK3

Rigging | Truss

#CAT3855 MK1, MK2 and MK3 tower components:Connections are single sets of boltsMK-1 tower is standardConnections:BoltsSpigots...

9 Available

From: 1,250.00

To: 1,495.00

J. Thomas Engineering, 12x18 Tower Polished

Rigging | Truss

#CAT1394 12\" x 18\" manufactured the same way as 12\" x 12\", but has an added advantage, due to its width of 18\" of being able to accommodate 2 lighting bars back to back. Also the truss...

8 Available

From: 385.00

To: 390.00

J. Thomas Engineering, Super Truss

Rigging | Truss

#CAT3552 This lightweight truss is ideal for Exhibition, Conference and Small venue work. Using the Supertruss principle has enabled the manufacture of a competitively strong but lightweight...

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From: 250.00

To: 250.00

J. Thomas Engineering, Roof System

Rigging | Truss

#CAT2760 James Thomas Engineering is proud to provide trusses that offer flexibility, easy set-up and breakdown, and lots of applications, from lighting to monitor displays. From staging the perfect...

3 Available

From: 306,250.00

To: 575,225.00

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