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J. Thomas Engineering, 20.5 x 20.5 General Purpose

Rigging | Truss

#CAT4705 20.5" x 20.5" General Purpose truss manufactured from 6061T6 or 6082T6 Aluminium using 2" x 0.125"wall and 1" x 0.125" wall tubes. It is supplied as standard...

60 Available

From: 599.00

To: 599.00

Total Structures, Element 12

Rigging | Truss

#CAT1564 Element 12 provides an improved alternative to Generic Light Duty truss and has similar applications. A compact design that is ideal in situations where ceiling height is limited and for carrying...

44 Available

From: 1,599.00

To: 1,899.00

Tomcat, Medium duty truss 20.5 x 20.5 plated

Rigging | Truss

#CAT4707 Standard lengths are 10’, 8’ and 5’Custom lengths available upon requestEquipped with boltsMain chords are 2" OD x 1/8" aluminumDiagonals are 1" OD x 1/8"...

31 Available

From: 299.00

To: 350.00

Tyler Truss System, 12x12 Silver Truss

Rigging | Truss

#CAT2985 Loading values show maximum loads between supports in addition to the self-weight of the truss.Loading values are based on propietary information provided by Tyler Truss System.Calculations...

15 Available

From: 500.00

To: 500.00

Tyler Truss System, STACKMASTER

Rigging | Truss

#CAT4708 Designed on a 12" x 12" box truss platform, the Stackmaster™ takes an industry workhorse to a new level. Stacking locators on each end of the truss create a secure framework...

10 Available

From: 650.00

To: 650.00

Tomcat, MK1 / MK2 / MK3

Rigging | Truss

#CAT3855 MK1, MK2 and MK3 tower components:Connections are single sets of boltsMK-1 tower is standardConnections:BoltsSpigots...

9 Available

From: 1,250.00

To: 1,495.00

J. Thomas Engineering, 12x18 Tower Polished

Rigging | Truss

#CAT1394 12\" x 18\" manufactured the same way as 12\" x 12\", but has an added advantage, due to its width of 18\" of being able to accommodate 2 lighting bars back to back. Also the truss...

8 Available

From: 385.00

To: 390.00

J. Thomas Engineering, Super Truss

Rigging | Truss

#CAT3552 This lightweight truss is ideal for Exhibition, Conference and Small venue work. Using the Supertruss principle has enabled the manufacture of a competitively strong but lightweight...

6 Available

From: 250.00

To: 250.00

J. Thomas Engineering, Roof System

Rigging | Truss

#CAT2760 James Thomas Engineering is proud to provide trusses that offer flexibility, easy set-up and breakdown, and lots of applications, from lighting to monitor displays. From staging the perfect...

3 Available

From: 306,250.00

To: 575,225.00

Tomcat, 20.5

Rigging | Truss

#CAT1526 • Standard lengths are 10\', 8\' and 5\'• Metric lengths are 3 m, 2 m, 1 m and 1/2 m increments• Custom lenghts available upon request• Equipped with steel spigot connections•...

2 Available

From: 375.00

To: 495.00

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