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Yamaha, PM5D

Audio | Consoles

#CAT1147 Since it's release in 2004 the PM5D has become a standard for digital live mixing, and the first choice of legions of discerning engineers and sound companies throughout the world....

44 Available

From: 4,699.00

To: 23,550.00

Digidesign, Venue Profile System

Audio | Consoles

#CAT1594 The VENUE Profile System is based around the VENUE Profile console and employs a VENUE FOH Rack and Stage Rack processing and I/O system. This system offers great I/O expandability...

42 Available

From: 11,790.00

To: 29,995.00

Midas, PRO2 / PRO2C

Audio | Consoles

#CAT3145 Think of an audio mixing system which offers unprecedented levels of control integration in terms of speed and ease of workflow. Think of an audio mixing system which has the most intuitive,...

22 Available

From: 5,800.00

To: 15,299.00

Digico, SD9

Audio | Consoles

#CAT2993 The SD9 Supercharged has a significant expansion in Channel count, Dynamic EQs, Multiband Compressors and Matrix, and the addition of DiGiTuBes, Reorder of Busses and Multichannel inputs...

20 Available

From: 10,359.00

To: 21,900.00

Digico, SD8

Audio | Consoles

#CAT1593 The SD8 has a fixed architecture powered by Stealth Digital Processing™  and employs a smaller Super FPGA than the SD7, yet it benefits from all the major features and versatility...

17 Available

From: 11,799.00

To: 25,765.00

Yamaha, M7CL-48

Audio | Consoles

#CAT4848 The Yamaha M7CL-48ES Digital Mixing Console is specifically designed for use with SB168-ES EtherSound stage boxes, the M7CL-48ES replaces the 48 internal head amps of the M7CL-48 with...

15 Available

From: 3,490.00

To: 8,890.00

Yamaha, LS9

Audio | Consoles

#CAT1151 The LS9 series consoles follow in the distinguished footsteps of the Yamaha PM1D, PM5D, and M7CL, expanding Yamaha\'s digital mixing console lineup for live sound and installations....

14 Available

From: 1,649.00

To: 3,530.00

Digidesign, SC48 Digital Mixing Console

Audio | Consoles

#CAT2882 VENUE SC48 shares the same design philosophy as all other VENUE consoles, allowing you to target a single channel to a dedicated, "all-parameters.Assignable Channel Section (ACS),...

14 Available

From: 1,200.00

To: 13,900.00

Yamaha, M7CL

Audio | Consoles

#CAT1148 The M7CL series is a digital live-sound console that carries on the digital evolution from the acclaimed PM1DV2 and PM5D consoles. It includes an impressive array of advanced concepts...

12 Available

From: 4,999.00

To: 11,765.00

Soundcraft, Vi6

Audio | Consoles

#CAT2587 The Soundcraft Vi6 has been acclaimed as one of the most ergonomic, user-friendly and best-sounding large format digital console around. Audio quality is assured thanks to the integration...

12 Available

From: 15,900.00

To: 21,800.00

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