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Barco, Lens 2K

Video | Video Projectors

#CAT4607 This product is an option for the following products:R9005902 : DP2K-19BR90059028 : DP2K-19B AlchemyR90059029 : DP2K-19B Alchemy LTR9005901 : DP2K-23BR90059018 : DP2K-23B AlchemyR90059019...

171 Available

From: 1,755.00

To: 5,260.00

Barco, Lens XLD

Video | Video Projectors

#CAT3227 The Barco XLD Zoom Projector Lens is compatible with the Barco XLM H25, HD30, HDQ-2K40 projector....

38 Available

From: 5,260.00

To: 13,165.00

Barco, Lens TLD

Video | Video Projectors

#CAT2972 This product is an option of the following productsA compact and Powerful Projector for Rental & Staging Applications.SLM G10 PerformerA Compact and Smokeproof Projector for Rental...

33 Available

From: 3,250.00

To: 8,485.00

Barco, HDX-W20 FLEX

Video | Video Projectors

#CAT3694 The HDX-W20 FLEX is the most compact rugged projector that offers 20,000 lumens light output currently available. One of its most striking features is that it is standard equipped with...

33 Available

From: 23,375.00

To: 38,685.00

Draper, Silhouette/Series M AR Manual Projection Screen

Video | Video Projectors

#CAT3378 Silhouette/Series M spring-roller operated projection screen. Includes the AutoReturn Spring Roller. The sleek, curved aluminum case and endcaps are finished in white (also available...

31 Available

From: 1,750.00

To: 1,750.00

Barco, HDF-W30

Video | Video Projectors

#CAT4281 30,000 lumens, WUXGA, 3-chip DLP projector with standard FLEX brightnessSingle Xenon lamp for ultimate color accuracyFLEX brightness as standardOn-board ImagePRO technology for powerful...

25 Available

From: 22,355.00

To: 42,299.00

Barco, FLM HD20

Video | Video Projectors

#CAT2579 Barco's FLM HD20 is an ultra-bright, durable projector with full HD picture-in-picture capabilities. It is a perfect fit for any large venue that requires extra brightness to show...

24 Available

From: 12,995.00

To: 20,590.00

Barco, RLD W Lens

Video | Video Projectors

#CAT2969 This product is an option of the following products:6,000 lumens, WUXGA DLP projector - RLM-W68,000 lumens, WUXGA DLP projector - RLM-W8...

18 Available

From: 1,285.00

To: 2,599.00

Barco, HDQ-2K40

Video | Video Projectors

#CAT3156 The world’s brightest projector for the rental and staging industry, Barco’s HDQ-2K40 ensures razor-sharp, ultra-bright images, guaranteeing an unequalled event experience...

12 Available

From: 31,765.00

To: 147,060.00

HES, Catalyst 4

Video | Video Projectors

#CAT1933 The new Catalyst v4 is enhanced with support for additional input/output devices as well as complementary products. This support includes built-in cue list functionality for greater...

12 Available

From: 2,765.00

To: 16,470.00

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