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MA Lighting, grandMA2 light

Lighting | Consoles

#CAT3124 The grandMA2 light has 4,096 parameters, 15 motorized executor faders and two touchscreens available. All further features and controls are identical to those on the grandMA2 full-size.The...

31 Available

From: 16,470.00

To: 30,239.00

HES, Hog 4

Lighting | Consoles

#CAT3559 The Hog 4 is the flagship in our newest range of consoles. Replacing the much loved Wholehog III, it embraces the latest technology, while retaining the Hog’s familiar control...

25 Available

From: 4,119.00

To: 25,899.00

Martin, M2GO

Lighting | Consoles

#CAT3722 Equipped with a fast, dual-core processor with no external computer required, the M2GO answers the demand for a more powerful lighting console in a smaller form. It offers a professional...

25 Available

From: 2,270.00

To: 3,850.00

MA Lighting, grandMA2 full-size

Lighting | Consoles

#CAT1081 The grandMA2 full-size represents MA Lighting's most powerful console and offers the control of conventional light, moving lights, LED fixtures and media from on one platform. Equipped...

19 Available

From: 22,990.00

To: 47,060.00

MA Lighting, grandMA light

Lighting | Consoles

#CAT1962 MA Lighting started a new era of highly developed lighting and visual control console platforms. With the introduction of the grandMA2, MA Lighting took the next logical step. Offering...

19 Available

From: 2,290.00

To: 4,119.00

Martin, Maxxyz

Lighting | Consoles

#CAT2061 Maxxyz is Martin’s professional lighting console with a string of original features and an intuitive and graphical software interface.   Maxxyz incorporates all the features...

18 Available

From: 1,399.00

To: 5,999.00

MA Lighting, grandMA ultra-light

Lighting | Consoles

#CAT1082 The grandMA ultra-light has a colour touchscreen display, ten manual faders, 30 + 20 physical executor buttons (on 128 pages) and connector for one external display available. Furthermore...

13 Available

From: 1,990.00

To: 3,319.00

MA Lighting, grandMA1 full-size

Lighting | Consoles

#CAT1205 The grandMA consoles are the core of the fully integrated MA system. This product family offers six different hardware platforms and provides immediate solutions ready for all kinds...

13 Available

From: 3,550.00

To: 9,415.00

HES, Road Hog 3

Lighting | Consoles

#CAT1018 Designed from the ground up to provide superb lighting control with powerful programming procedures, the Road Hog is a true thoroughbred automated lighting console. Its simple and intuitive...

12 Available

From: 2,359.00

To: 4,415.00

HES, Road Hog 4

Lighting | Consoles

#CAT3561 The most cost effective Hog ever! With a market leading 22" multi touch display, all in a compact package, now with networking and Art-Net outputs.The Road Hog 4 is unparalleled...

12 Available

From: 6,829.00

To: 8,535.00

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