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Robert Juliat, Aramis 2500W HMI

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT4614 Aramis has long been the favoured followspot for opera houses and big musicals. Used also in concerts and on tour, Aramis is constructed to withstand the rigours of touring and is well...

15 Available

From: 5,000.00

To: 7,629.00

Robert Juliat, Aramis 2.5K HMI

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT5016 Suited to the long throws of large venues, Aramis is the favoured followspot for opera houses, musicals, concerts indoors and out. Constructed to withstand the rigours of touring, its colour...

6 Available

From: 2,589.00

To: 2,589.00

Robert Juliat, Flo

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT5232 With a combination of compact dimensions, high output to rival 2500 W followspots and a hot restrike lamp andelectronic PSU, Flo is perfect for rental companies. It has become the new benchmark...

4 Available

From: 4,879.00

To: 4,879.00

Robert Juliat, LANCELOT 4000W HTI

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT4722 Designed to the same high standards as the rest of Robert Juliat´s followspot family, the Lancelot's innovate optical train improves on the power and very long throw capabilities...

3 Available

From: 10,000.00

To: 12,359.00

Altman, Comet 360W Followspot

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT1553 A ruggedly constructed medium to long throw follow spot, the Comet produces a narrow, hard or soft edged beam which zooms from 2.3 degrees to 12.2 degrees.With top mounted iris, shutter,...

1 Available

From: 1,350.00

To: 1,350.00

Robert Juliat, Heloise Followspot HMI 2500

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT1840 Using a 2500w MSR lamp, designed as a overhead follow spot (short throw) with a zoom Range of 15º to 29º with DMX Dimming. Using a 2500w MSR lamp, designed as a overhead follow spot...

1 Available

From: 4,299.00

To: 4,299.00

Robert Juliat, Ivanhoe

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT2341 • Optical high performance double condenser.• Cassette rotary iris fully closed with protection.• Manual Shutter (Dimmer) from 0 to 100%.• Support rotatable gobo, size "A"...

1 Available

From: 3,559.00

To: 3,559.00

Lycian, 1290 Xlt

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT2416 The luminaire shall be a 2000 watt follow spotlight designed to be used with various manufacturer\'s 2kw xenon lamps. The optical train shall consist of a highprecision, electro-formed,...

1 Available

From: 2,935.00

To: 2,935.00

Lycian, Super Club Spot

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT2518 The luminaire shall be a 360 watt follow spotlight designed to accept only a FLE 360 watt 82 volt quartz MR16 lamp. A dual control variable focal length optical system shall be provided....

1 Available

From: 3,369.00

To: 3,369.00

Canto, 1200W Follow Spotlight

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT1335 The Canto® 1200 is a high-wattage metal halide followspot using a single-ended G22 base bulb (not included) to give a powerful and well-defined beam from the double condenser zoom...

Not Available

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