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Clay Paky, Stage Scan

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT2565 Stage Scan is Clay Paky\'s most sophisticated moving mirror fixture. It has an extremely rich set of graphic effects and a sophisticated beam colouring system. Its exclusive Multi-Step-Zoom...

22 Available

From: 460.00

To: 1,760.00

ROBE, Scan 250 XT

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT2629 The Scan 250 XT is ideal for all clubs, discotheque or pub applications where an element of colour and sparkle is required. Features include gobo wheel with 6 rotating, indexable, replaceable...

18 Available

From: 5,295.00

To: 5,295.00

Wildfire, LT-254(F)(WS)(S)1 / LT-254(F)(WS)(S)2

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT4728 Wildfire Long-Throw 254 UV-A Lighting Fixture. This advanced UVlighting fixture features lightweight, energy efficient electronic ballasting for flicker and noise free operation andstate-of-the-art...

6 Available

From: 590.00

To: 590.00

Robert Juliat, LANCELOT 4000W HTI

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT4722 Designed to the same high standards as the rest of Robert Juliat´s followspot family, the Lancelot's innovate optical train improves on the power and very long throw capabilities...

5 Available

From: 12,650.00

To: 15,450.00

Lycian, 1267 Super Arc 400

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT2255 The luminaire shall be a 400 watt follow  spotlight designed to accept only an HTI-400/24  metal halide lamp. The field diameter of the  beam shall be continuously variable...

2 Available

From: 4,150.00

To: 4,150.00

Altman, Comet 360W Followspot

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT1553 A ruggedly constructed medium to long throw follow spot, the Comet produces a narrow, hard or soft edged beam which zooms from 2.3 degrees to 12.2 degrees.With top mounted iris, shutter,...

1 Available

From: 1,350.00

To: 1,350.00

Robert Juliat, Heloise Followspot HMI 2500

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT1840 Using a 2500w MSR lamp, designed as a overhead follow spot (short throw) with a zoom Range of 15º to 29º with DMX Dimming. Using a 2500w MSR lamp, designed as a overhead follow spot...

1 Available

From: 3,299.00

To: 3,299.00

Lycian, 1266 Super Arc 400

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT2172 The luminaire shall be a 400 watt follow spotlight designed to accept only an HTI-400/24 metal halide lamp. The field diameter of the beam shall be continuously variable from the narrowest...

1 Available

From: 1,799.00

To: 1,799.00

Lycian, 1275

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT2173 The luminaire shall be a 1200 watt follow spotlight designed only for a 1200-HB metal halide lamp. A 1200 HMI lamp can be substituted with reduced output. A single lever variable focus...

1 Available

From: 3,550.00

To: 3,550.00

Clay Paky, Miniscan

Lighting | Followspots

#CAT2551 The Clay Paky Miniscan HPE is a 300W HTI moving mirror projector that has become an \"industry standard\" for a compact, fast and bright unit.  Equally at home in corporate, dance...

1 Available

From: 1,280.00

To: 1,280.00

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