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Barco, Image PRO II

Video | Video Switchers & Processors

#CAT2777 All-in-one video scaler, scan converter and switcher.ImagePRO-II is an advanced high performance all-in-one video scaler, scan converter, switcher and transcoder converting any input...

34 Available

From: 2,999.00

To: 4,750.00

D3 Technologies, 4x4PRO

Video | Video Switchers & Processors

#CAT5187 3 Technologies’ 4x4pro and 4x2pro respond to that challenge. The 4x4pro outputs four unique signals at 4K resolution and can also handle the data transfer of those high resolution...

24 Available

From: 55,000.00

To: 55,000.00

Barco, Folsom ImagePro

Video | Video Switchers & Processors

#CAT4084 The Folsom ImagePRO™is a powerful all-in-one signal processor that accepts a wide range of video input signals and processes them into a number of different output signal formats...

7 Available

From: 1,199.00

To: 2,500.00


Video | Video Switchers & Processors

#CAT5188 A XENON-driven projection setup can handle large numbers of projectors and involves multiple XENON servers. But to you, it will feel like one easy machine.That’s because the intricacies...

4 Available

From: 34,000.00

To: 34,000.00

Barco, FSN series

Video | Video Switchers & Processors

#CAT2978 Barco's FSN series is a high-resolution 3G ready switcher that combines advanced multi-format production and presentation switching in one highly integrated unit. The FSN integrates...

3 Available

From: 1,780.00

To: 4,950.00

Christie, Phoenix

Video | Video Switchers & Processors

#CAT4143 Christie® Phoenix™ enables seamless access and control of audio-visual data, regardless of the user’s location. Whether used by multiple parallel participants, single offices...

3 Available

From: 3,990.00

To: 3,990.00

MA Lighting, MA VPU MK2

Video | Video Switchers & Processors

#CAT4850 A Lighting has developed the MA VPU (Video Processing Unit) as a powerful range of solutions for controlling, live accessing and altering videos, still images and 3D objects in real...

3 Available

From: 5,300.00

To: 11,900.00

Barco, FSN-150 Compact controller

Video | Video Switchers & Processors

#CAT4530 FSN-150 Compact controller (R9004623)Barco's FSN-150 is a smart, compact controller that allows you to engineer the visualization of your event the way you want to. It offers numerous...

2 Available

From: 4,950.00

To: 4,950.00

Barco, Image PRO II Junior

Video | Video Switchers & Processors

#CAT3872 Simple, yet robustThe ImagePRO-II Junior offers a unique advantage for show producers, helping to streamline processing as well as minimize costs one would typically incur with the use of multiple...

1 Available

From: 3,400.00

To: 3,400.00

Barco, Screen Pro II Series

Video | Video Switchers & Processors

#CAT2776 ScreenPRO-II uses four image layers (unscaled background, up to two scaled PiPs or keys, and an unscaled downstream key) to produce sophisticated effects, including live transitioning...

1 Available

From: 2,899.00

To: 2,899.00

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