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CM Lodestar, 1-Ton Motor Model L Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist

Rigging | Motores

#CAT1338 LODESTAR ELECTRIC CHAIN MOTORLegendary in performance, professional riggers around the world have come to rely on the CM Lodestar® for the most demanding and challenging applications....

235 Disponible

Desde: EU€: 1,229.00

Hasta: £: 48,620.00

CM Lodestar, 1/2-Ton Motor Model

Rigging | Motores

#CAT1905 Standard lifts of 10, 15 and 20 ft. Standard push button drop is 4 ft less than lift. Other options available upon request.  115V, 230V/460V. Meets ASME / ANSI B30.16 . Easy access...

78 Disponible

Desde: EU€: 1,290.00

Hasta: US$: 2,100.00

Prolyft, 1-Ton Motor

Rigging | Motores

#CAT2901 The Prolyft hoist can boast on a reliable service network. Unlike other manufacturers, Prolyte has set up a world wide network of Service points, who all are equipped and trained to supply...

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Desde: US$: 2,355.00

Hasta: US$: 2,355.00

Crown, VRack

Rigging | Misceláneos

#CAT4493 The checklist for each performance setup is a demanding one. Building amplifier racks. Configuring systems. Safety approvals. Keeping technicians working efficiently. The VRack complete...

58 Disponible

Desde: EU€: 12,280.00

Hasta: EU€: 16,210.00

Total Structures, Element 12

Rigging | Truss

#CAT1564 Element 12 provides an improved alternative to Generic Light Duty truss and has similar applications. A compact design that is ideal in situations where ceiling height is limited and for carrying...

44 Disponible

Desde: US$: 1,599.00

Hasta: US$: 1,899.00

Tomcat, Medium duty truss 20.5 x 20.5 plated

Rigging | Truss

#CAT4707 Standard lengths are 10’, 8’ and 5’Custom lengths available upon requestEquipped with boltsMain chords are 2" OD x 1/8" aluminumDiagonals are 1" OD x 1/8"...

24 Disponible

Desde: EU€: 299.00

Hasta: US$: 350.00

Armando Cases, Case

Rigging | Misceláneos

#CAT2079 We don't just build cases, We use them. ARMANDO CASES, consists of well established Musicians, Lighting Techs, Sound Engineers and Material Experts that are all involved in the building...

21 Disponible

Desde: US$: 999.00

Hasta: US$: 2,250.00

Chainmaster, D8 Plus

Rigging | Motores

#CAT4457 Increased safety, flexibility and efficient rigging for complex loads are the main features of D8 Plus chain hoists. ChainMaster first presented the concept to the Berufsgenossenschaft...

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Desde: EU€: 1,290.00

Hasta: EU€: 15,399.00

Miscellaneous, Flight Cases

Rigging | Misceláneos

#CAT3413 ...

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Desde: US$: 1,250.00

Hasta: US$: 6,185.00

Verlinde, Stagemaker SM 5

Rigging | Motores

#CAT4951 The STAGEMAKER® COMPACT is specially adapted for handling stage and theatre props ; it enables loudspeaker, lighting and stage props etc... to be positioned with precision and total...

13 Disponible

Desde: EU€: 1,420.00

Hasta: EU€: 45,529.00