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ROBE, Tarrantula

LED | Luces Inteligentes

#CAT5246 Building on the success of the LEDWash 1200 and Spiider‘s advanced technology, the all new Tarrantula is the most powerful LED beam/wash/effects fixture on the market. Now equipped...

230 Disponible

Desde: US$: 5,999.00

Hasta: US$: 5,999.00

HIBINO, Chromatex LVD-427B

LED | Pantallas LED

#CAT4907 Indoor/outdoor - Indoor, Brightness - 1200 Nit, Transparency - 0%, Pixel pitch - 4 mm,Led type - 3 in 1 SMD, Pixels per sqm - 62,500 dots,Pixels per module - 96 x 144/tile,Viewing...

225 Disponible

Desde: EU€: 34,800.00

Hasta: EU€: 34,800.00

Martin, VDO Face 5 HC

LED | Pantallas LED

#CAT4983 The VDO Face 5 HC is a high-contrast outdoor-rated LED video panel with a pixel pitch of 5.2 mm for the rental market. This well-designed panel from Martin is driven by the same P3 System...

200 Disponible

Desde: US$: 998.00

Hasta: US$: 998.00

SGM, P-5 LED Wash Light

LED | Luces Inteligentes

#CAT4459 The P-5 has taken the popular Palco 5 as its design base and transformed into an IP65 rated fixture - suitable for outdoor use. The low-profile fixed, rectangular, full-color LED wash...

189 Disponible

Desde: EU€: 1,239.00

Hasta: EU€: 1,550.00

Ayrton, MagicPanel 602

LED | Luces Inteligentes

#CAT4971 The MAGICPANEL 602, the first-born of the Creatives Solutions family, is a modular LED luminaire that offers a wide range of various visual effects. Equipped with a continuous unlimited...

162 Disponible

Desde: US$: 1,179.00

Hasta: EU€: 1,990.00

ETC, Source Four LED

LED | Luces Inteligentes

#CAT4260 Versatile, theater-quality LED lightingIt's a Source Four® and an LED. ETC created Source Four LED™ luminaires to produce the most beautiful light possible from an LED source....

156 Disponible

Desde: US$: 1,509.00

Hasta: US$: 4,199.00

ROBE, CycBar 15

LED | Luces Inteligentes

#CAT4888 CycBar 15 is a lightweight static 1.000 mm linear strip which uses 15 equally spaced, super bright RGBW multichip LEDs for enhanced 18-bit smooth colour mixing and linear dimming without...

126 Disponible

Desde: US$: 3,650.00

Hasta: US$: 3,650.00

SGM, P10

LED | Luces Inteligentes

#CAT5208 The SGM P-10 is a unique and extremely powerful all-in-one LED luminaire, ideal for stadiums, arenas, convention centers, high-rise office or hotel buildings, bridges, large format...

108 Disponible

Desde: US$: 3,600.00

Hasta: US$: 3,600.00


LED | Luces Inteligentes

#CAT4681 Evolution of EASYCOLOR, the first professional LED moving-head, EYEBALL 18 is a static colour-change projector equipped with18-HIGH-POWER LUXEON‚ LEDs. EYEBALL 18 integrates new innovative...

91 Disponible




LED | Pantallas LED

#CAT4987 ARRI continues to broaden their LED line and reaffirm their commitment to accurate color rendering with the introduction of the SkyPanel S60-C LED Softlight. Supported by a steel yoke,...

36 Disponible

Desde: EU€: 10,449.00

Hasta: EU€: 11,769.00