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Barco, HDX-W18 in good condition!


Listing ID #GA23353
Condition Buenas Condiciones
Location Sistema en Europa
Category Video | Video Proyectores
Last Updated 04/09/2020

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With Barco's compact and powerful HDX-W18 projector, the future is here today. The high brightness HDX combines full source flexibility with ImagePRO scaling capabilities. Thanks to its Xenon illumination and high contrast optical engine this three-chip DLP projector reproduces rich colors, presenting audiences with crisp and vivid images on every occasion. What's more, the simple user interface allows you to set up the projector in no time. Finally, the HDX-W18 offers easy control through smartphones and tablet computers.

Quick preview
The HDX-W18's built-in color LCD screen provides you with all the information you need on your projector's connected sources, status, power, temperatures and lamp runtime. The LCD screen also allows you to preview your connected sources.

The HDX-W18 has a native 3G HDSDI/SDI input, which makes it compatible with progressive sources over a single BNC cable. This also means that the HDX-W18 allows for digital inputs that don't come through fragile DVI fiber cables.

Wireless control
Barco's HDX platform is designed for wireless control. Whether from one central PC or with a smartphone or tablet computer, you remain connected to the HDX at all times.

Only five building blocks
Barco designed the HDX-W18 with efficiency and quick setup in mind. It features just five building blocks that can be removed and replaced quickly, so that time spent servicing the projector is kept to a bare minimum.

25% more compact
The HDX-W18's compact and functional design never takes up more space than strictly necessary. In addition, it can be easily boxed, shipped and fits into standard flight cases.