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Package of 24 x LEO-M w/coves and dollies, 12 x 1100LFC w/covers and dollies, 2 Top Grids, 1 x Calisto 616

The LEO?M™ advanced linear array loudspeaker is defined by its sonic linearity at high, continuous output levels. With exceptional headroom, extremely low distortion, and optimized rigging options, LEO?M forms the nucleus of Meyer Sound’s advanced, next?generation LEO™ array systems, conceived for long?throw applications. LEO arrays can be augmented with the 1100?LFC low?frequency control element, for low?frequency content, and the MICA® compact high?power curvilinear array loudspeaker, for downfill applications. Entire systems can be driven by Meyer Sound’s Galileo Callisto™ array processor, which provides matrix routing, alignment, and processing for individual array components.

To guarantee optimum performance, LEO array systems must be designed with Meyer Sound's MAPP Online Pro® acoustical prediction software. The intuitive, cross?platform application accurately predicts coverage patterns, frequency and impulse responses, and maximum peak SPL for LEO array systems, ensuring that systems deliver the required SPL and ideal coverage for the intended audience areas.

LEO?M’s high?frequency section is comprised of two proprietary compression drivers coupled to LEO?M™: Advanced Linear Array Loudspeaker a constant?directivity horn through a patented REM™ manifold. The manifold’s smooth radiating characteristics afford tight vertical coverage.

The low?frequency section includes two long?excursion cone drivers, also proprietary, capable of withstanding high, continuous output levels. Precise phase and magnitude alignment between the low?and high?frequency drivers yields well?behaved horizontal coverage.

The unit’s power amplifier operates at nominal voltages from 208 to 235 V AC, at 50/60Hz.*TruPower® limiting ensures maximum driver protection, minimizing power compression while yielding high constant output under high continuous and peak power conditions. The amplifier, control electronics, and power supply are contained in a single field?replaceable module located on the rear of the cabinet.

Meyer Sound’s RMS™ remote monitoring system comes standard with all LEO?Ms and provides comprehensive monitoring of system parameters on a Windows®?based computer. Convenient 5?pin XLR connectors allow the use of composite cables carrying both RMS and balanced audio.

LEO?M offers intuitive rigging* with captive GuideALinks™ that can be set to the desired splay angles while cabinets rest in groundstacks. The optional MTG?LEO?M grid flies arrays of up to 18 LEO?Ms at a 7:1 safety factor. The optional MTF?LEO/MICA transition adapter flies MICAs below LEO?M arrays for downfill. Stacks of up to four LEO?Ms can be securely transported with the optional MCF?LEO?M caster frame; optional fabric covers protect the cabinets during transport.

The vented LEO?M cabinet is coated with a black?textured finish and includes a hex?stamped, steel grille with acoustical black mesh that protects the loudspeaker’s drivers. The cabinet is weather protected and includes a collapsible rain hood that shields user panel connectors from water intrusion.

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