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MA Lighting, grandMA2 light

Iluminación | Consolas

#CAT3124 The grandMA2 light has 4,096 parameters, 15 motorized executor faders and two touchscreens available. All further features and controls are identical to those on the grandMA2 full-size.The...

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Desde: EU€: 14,949.00

Hasta: US$: 42,359.00

Digidesign, Venue Profile System

Audio | Consolas

#CAT1594 The VENUE Profile System is based around the VENUE Profile console and employs a VENUE FOH Rack and Stage Rack processing and I/O system. This system offers great I/O expandability...

41 Disponible

Desde: EU€: 11,790.00

Hasta: US$: 29,995.00

Yamaha, M7CL-48

Audio | Consolas

#CAT4848 The Yamaha M7CL-48ES Digital Mixing Console is specifically designed for use with SB168-ES EtherSound stage boxes, the M7CL-48ES replaces the 48 internal head amps of the M7CL-48 with...

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Desde: EU€: 3,490.00

Hasta: US$: 8,890.00

Yamaha, PM5D

Audio | Consolas

#CAT1147 Since it's release in 2004 the PM5D has become a standard for digital live mixing, and the first choice of legions of discerning engineers and sound companies throughout the world....

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Desde: EU€: 4,699.00

Hasta: US$: 14,709.00

MA Lighting, grandMA2 full-size

Iluminación | Consolas

#CAT1081 The grandMA2 full-size represents MA Lighting's most powerful console and offers the control of conventional light, moving lights, LED fixtures and media from on one platform. Equipped...

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Desde: US$: 20,719.00

Hasta: US$: 42,390.00

Martin, M2GO

Iluminación | Consolas

#CAT3722 Equipped with a fast, dual-core processor with no external computer required, the M2GO answers the demand for a more powerful lighting console in a smaller form. It offers a professional...

27 Disponible

Desde: US$: 1,899.00

Hasta: US$: 3,590.00

MA Lighting, grandMA light

Iluminación | Consolas

#CAT1962 MA Lighting started a new era of highly developed lighting and visual control console platforms. With the introduction of the grandMA2, MA Lighting took the next logical step. Offering...

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Desde: US$: 1,500.00

Hasta: EU€: 4,119.00

Midas, PRO2 / PRO2C

Audio | Consolas

#CAT3145 Think of an audio mixing system which offers unprecedented levels of control integration in terms of speed and ease of workflow. Think of an audio mixing system which has the most intuitive,...

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Desde: EU€: 4,560.00

Hasta: EU€: 15,299.00

Yamaha, PM1D

Audio | Consolas

#CAT3176 Extraordinary Programmability, RepeatabilityThe entire PM1D system offers extraordinary power and flexibility in terms of programmability and repeatability. In addition to a sophisticated...

21 Disponible

Desde: EU€: 3,499.00

Hasta: US$: 70,588.00

Digico, SD8

Audio | Consolas

#CAT1593 The SD8 has a fixed architecture powered by Stealth Digital Processing™  and employs a smaller Super FPGA than the SD7, yet it benefits from all the major features and versatility...

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Desde: EU€: 11,799.00

Hasta: US$: 23,950.00