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EAW, KF760

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#CAT1603 The KF760 features EAW\'s advanced divergence shading where all loudspeakers are powered at equal level. A full KF760/761 array can provide uniform sound coverage from directly beneath...

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Desde: EU€: 2,290.00

Hasta: US$: 44,995.00

EAW, SB1000Z

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#CAT1617 The SB1000z (2 x 18-inch) is a direct radiating, high output, large-format subwoofer system proven in complementing high efficiency, full-range loudspeakers. Available in both portable...

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Desde: US$: 1,099.00

Hasta: US$: 1,099.00


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#CAT1610 The MicroWedge MW12 is collaboration between original MicroWedge Series inventor Dave “Rat” Levine (owner of Rat Sound Systems, Inc.) and the EAW Engineering Department, resulting...

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Desde: EU€: 1,590.00

Hasta: EU€: 1,590.00

EAW, KF730

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#CAT1602 The KF730 SLAM (Small Line Array Module) packs a six-driver, horn-loaded KF Series design into a very compact enclosure. The full-sized mid/high horn fills the entire face of the enclosure,...

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Desde: US$: 1,334.00

Hasta: EU€: 50,850.00

EAW, Legendary KF850ZR

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#CAT1609 FEATURES• Tri-amplified VA™ 3-way full-range system• Touring industry standard• Stackable version without fly-track hardware; 20% weight savings• Companion SB850zR subwooferDESCRIPTION:The...

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Desde: US$: 2,370.00

Hasta: US$: 2,370.00

EAW, SB750

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#CAT1614 A dedicated subwoofer system with 2x 18-in transducers in a vented trapezoidal enclosure. An SB750F enclosure shares the same footprint as a KF700 Series module and is almost exactly...

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Desde: US$: 1,009.00

Hasta: US$: 1,009.00

EAW, NT26 / NT29 / NT56 / NT59

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#CAT3355 NT loudspeakers are designed to meet the requirements and demands of portable applications as well as permanent  installations. The integral electronics are based on proven, high...

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Desde: EU€: 1,495.00

Hasta: EU€: 1,495.00

EAW, KF750

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#CAT1599 The KF750F is designed to create arrays with optimized coverage in both the horizontal and vertical planes to cover audience areas ranging from 200 to 80,000 people. KF750F arrays are smaller,...

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Desde: EU€: 2,179.00

Hasta: US$: 17,599.00

EAW, KF761

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#CAT1604 The KF761 has two primary applications: It is designed to supplement the KF760 in arrays to provide nearfield coverage for distances less than 100 feet, and it can also be used as part...

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Desde: EU€: 12,359.00

Hasta: US$: 14,400.00

EAW, SB Series

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#CAT3132 All SB enjoy high power handling capabilities, and all feature direct radiating designs and sophisticated yet highly durable enclosure construction. Driver mounting maximizes cone area...

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Desde: EU€: 29,419.00

Hasta: EU€: 29,429.00