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Meyer Sound, MICA

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#CAT1110 The MICA compact high-powered curvilinear array loudspeaker is the mid-sized member of the acclaimed MILO family of loudspeakers. MICA brings the very high output and smooth, extended...

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Desde: US$: 2,699.00

Hasta: US$: 14,980.00

Meyer Sound, MINA

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#CAT1112 With the introduction of MILO in 2003, Meyer Sound started the most accurate, flexible, and usable family of line array products on the market. The subsequent introductions of MICA...

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Desde: £: 1,495.00

Hasta: EU€: 94,119.00

Meyer Sound, UPA1P

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#CAT1129 The UPA-1P loudspeaker provides high power output, low distortion, and consistent polar response in a compact, vented two-way enclosure. The loudspeaker features a 12-inch cone low-frequency...

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Desde: US$: 1,995.00

Hasta: EU€: 4,099.00


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Desde: US$: 150.00

Hasta: US$: 150.00

Meyer Sound, UPJ-1P

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#CAT2074 The UPJ-1P combines the advantages of self-powered systems with the placement and arraying flexibility afforded by a VariO rotatable horn. Though remarkably compact and lightweight,...

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Desde: EU€: 1,689.00

Hasta: US$: 1,834.00

Meyer Sound, 650-R2

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#CAT5132 The Meyer Sound 650-R2 is a high-power subwoofer loudspeaker designed to extend thepower bandwidth of Meyer Sound reinforcementsystems to 30 Hz. The system consists of two18-inch cone...

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Desde: US$: 980.00

Hasta: US$: 980.00

Meyer Sound, MSL-4

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#CAT1117 The Meyer Sound MSL-4 is a high-Q, arrayable loudspeaker designed for a wide variety of medium- to long-throw applications. The MSL-4’s tightly defined coverage pattern allows...

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Desde: US$: 995.00

Hasta: US$: 995.00

Meyer Sound, LEO-M

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#CAT3439 The LEO?M™ advanced linear array loudspeaker is defined by its sonic linearity at high, continuous output levels. With exceptional headroom, extremely low distortion, and optimized...

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Desde: EU€: 15,229.00

Hasta: EU€: 162,995.00

Meyer Sound, 700HP

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#CAT1123 700HPThe Meyer Sound 700-HP ultrahigh-power subwoofer sets a new standard for the power-to-size equation. The 700-HP's power and bandwidth handle high continuous operating levels...

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Desde: EU€: 2,990.00

Hasta: EU€: 16,629.00

Meyer Sound, UPJunior: UltraCompact VariO Loudspeaker

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#CAT2004 Meyer Sound’s UPJunior ultracompact VariO loudspeaker brings the sonic signature, versatile rigging, and extraordinary power-to-size ratio of the UPJ-1P to a smaller package. The UPJunior...

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Desde: US$: 2,800.00

Hasta: US$: 2,800.00