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Crown, VRack

Rigging | Misceláneos

#CAT4493 The checklist for each performance setup is a demanding one. Building amplifier racks. Configuring systems. Safety approvals. Keeping technicians working efficiently. The VRack complete...

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Desde: 11,479.00

Hasta: 16,169.00

Prolyft, TL-078

Rigging | Misceláneos

#CAT3237 TL-078 is a front load HEAVY DUTY Towerlift designed for professional uses where a height up to 8 m. is required.It is built with five aluminium profiles and a lifting carriage that...

6 Disponible

Desde: 3,550.00

Hasta: 3,550.00

Meyer Sound, MG3 D/M Flybar

Rigging | Misceláneos

#CAT1958 The MG-3D/M multipurpose grid accommodates multiple hanging  configurations or ground support for M3D and MILO, MILO 120 or MILO 60 high-power curvilinear loudspeaker and M3D-Sub....

4 Disponible

Desde: 1,895.00

Hasta: 1,895.00

Motion Labs, 200A

Rigging | Misceláneos

#CAT4934 Motion Labs power distro with 200A main, Cam-lok in/thru with panel of six Edison duplex 20amp, twelve 30A L21-30 and twelve 20A L5-20 outs....

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Desde: 5,099.00

Hasta: 5,299.00


Rigging | Misceláneos

#CAT4168 Acoustical Spares Kit for VT4888. Includes (1) 2262H 12" speaker, (2) 2106H midrange speakers, and (2) diaphragm kits for 2431H compression driver. Recommend purchase (1) VT4888-ASP...

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Desde: 24,600.00

Hasta: 94,000.00

JBL, Vertec 4887 ADP

Rigging | Misceláneos

#CAT4831 The VT4887A is designed to deliver high-quality reinforcement of music and speech in a variety of applications including concert audio and corporate A/V presentations of all types.dvanced...

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Desde: 15,900.00

Hasta: 39,500.00

Camco, CA6

Rigging | Misceláneos

#CAT4917 CAMCO CA-6 round arch stage roofingTimeless beautiful and popular is the expandable stage roofingfrom CAMCO CA-6. As a tunnel roof on an endlessDepth expandable is the one for many...

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Desde: 9,990.00

Hasta: 29,550.00

EAW, kf760 Fly-Bar

Rigging | Misceláneos

#CAT4450 The KF760 Fly Bar is designed and intended for use only with the KF760 and KF761 products and only inaccordance with the KF760 / KF761 Loudspeaker Owner's Manual.Any combination...

2 Disponible

Desde: 1,599.00

Hasta: 1,599.00

L-Acoustics, K Bump

Rigging | Misceláneos

#CAT4878 Product information for Rigging Structure for Flying or Stacking KUDO Line Source K-BUMP manufactured by L-ACOUSTICS. Provided by AV-iQ....

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Desde: 2,390.00

Hasta: 2,390.00

Motion Labs, 300A

Rigging | Misceláneos

#CAT4935 Motion Laboratories 300A Main with Camlok 5-Wire In/Thru and Meters.Outputs: 6 x L21-30, 6 x L6-30, 6 x 20A Edison Duplex....

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Desde: 5,599.00

Hasta: 5,599.00

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