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Pixled, F-25

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#CAT4936 The PIXLED F-25 is a lightweight, highly transparent LED video display suitable for indoor applications. With its 25mm pixel pitch, 4.000 NIT light output and rugged IP65 rating, the F-25...

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Desde: 14,710.00

Hasta: 14,710.00

Martin, EC20

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#CAT4797 EC-20 Video Display Panel:Width: 480 mm Depth: 101 mm Height: 720 mm Weight: 10.3 kgEC Series Single Header:Width: 480 mm Depth: 85 mm Height: 120 mm Weight: 4.7 kgEC Series Double...

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Desde: 950.00

Hasta: 950.00

Pixled, F30

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#CAT4928 The PIXLED F-30 is a lightweight, highly transparent LED video display suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. With its 30mm pixel pitch, 2.000 NIT light output and rugged...

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Desde: 10,599.00

Hasta: 10,599.00

Pixled, F6

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#CAT4953 The F-6 has 4000 NIT brightness has incredible impact it’s nearly double the brightness of other comparable products, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with an IP65...

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Desde: 31,759.00

Hasta: 62,349.00

Pixled, F15

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#CAT4926 The PIXLED F-15 is a lightweight, semi-transparent LED video display suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.With its 15.6mm pixel pitch, 5,500 NIT light output and rugged...

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Desde: 15,290.00

Hasta: 15,290.00

Pixled, F20

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#CAT4927 Tile Specs:Company/Manufacturer PIXLEDTile Model F-20Tile Width (ft) 2.1 ftTile Height (ft) 2.1 ftTile Width (mm) 640 mmTile Height (mm) 640 mmPixels Wide 32Pixels High 32Pixel Pitch 20Visual...

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Desde: 8,290.00

Hasta: 8,290.00

Christie, FHD492-XV

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#CAT4761 The Christie® FHD492-XV is a versatile, professional-grade LCD panel? designed to offer an affordable and reliable option for video walls or standalone applications. Featuring 24/7...

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Desde: 1,299.00

Hasta: 1,299.00

Martin, EvenLED

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#CAT2184 EvenLED is a high-brightness modular system of RGB LED panels used together with a rear-projection material to create a completely even and flicker-free field of light over cycloramas...

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Panasonic, TH-70LF50U

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#CAT4542 The TH-70LF50U 70-inch 700cd/m2 brightness LED professional display with 5000:1 contrast ratio offers excellent picture quality and eye-catching visibility in applications from digital...

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Panasonic, TH-55LF80U 55

Video | Pantallas LED

#CAT4543 STYLISH DESIGN AND HIGH VISIBILITY Featuring Industrial Durabilitfaiy and Reliability, as well as a Stylish Appearance This stylish design blends in with surrounding spaces and fills...

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