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Martin, Atomic 3000

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#CAT3291 The Atomic is dimmable from 0-100%. Flash duration is controllable and for ultimate flexibility and variety of effect, variable adjustment of flash rate (20ms to 2 seconds) and flash...

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MA Lighting, MA NPU

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#CAT1078 MA NPU The MA NPU (Network Processing Unit) unites the calculation power in the network and offers the same CPU power as the grandMA2 consoles. The MA NPU can handle 4,096 parameters....

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Christie, Lens ILS

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#CAT5004 The HD Projection ILS Fixed Lens from Christie is a lens incorporating the Intelligent Lens System (ILS). The ILS automatically recognizes and calibrates a lens when it is installed....

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Reel EFX, DF-50 Hazer

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#CAT1483 The DIFFUSION(tm) HAZER is the cleanest most cost effective atmospheric hazer.DIFFUSION(tm) haze is totally odorless and can only be detected visually. No sore throats, funny smells,...

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Philips, MSD Platinum 5 R

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#CAT3832 The MSD Platinum lamps open up new levels of creative freedom in entertainment lighting, with powerful, compact and brilliantly intense light. Their compact, lightweight design provides...

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HES, FQ-100 Fogger Fog Machine

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#CAT1929 The F-100™ performance fog generator is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the nightclub, theatrical and touring industries. This reliable unit produces any atmosphere – from...

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Christie, Lens IL 4.5-7.5 SX+/4.1-6.9 HD

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#CAT4884 LensILS 4.5-7.5SX+/4.1-6.9HD. Various Projector Lenses from Christie Digital.See individual listings for details....

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MA Lighting, MA NSP

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#CAT1077 MA NSP For decentralised DMX networks, the MA NSP (Network Signal Processor) converts the incoming Ethernet data into DMX512-A data. For data conversion, two Ethernet protocols are supported:...

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Le Maitre, LSG Mark II

Iluminación | Misceláneos

#CAT3059 The patented LSG Mark II technology uses liquid C02 to the cool the fog, generating a consistent effect at sub zero temperatures. This process enables you to produce large quantities...

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Christie, 5.5-8.5:1 High Brightness Lens

Iluminación | Misceláneos

#CAT3896 This lens provides a 5.5-8.5:1 throw ratio for any of the Christie Digital Cinema projectors listed below.For specific lens throw distance values, please refer to the Christie Digital...

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