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SGM, P-5 LED Wash Light

LED | Luces Inteligentes

#CAT4459 The P-5 has taken the popular Palco 5 as its design base and transformed into an IP65 rated fixture - suitable for outdoor use. The low-profile fixed, rectangular, full-color LED wash...

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Desde: 1,239.00

Hasta: 2,000.00

Ayrton, MagicPanel 602

LED | Luces Inteligentes

#CAT4971 The MAGICPANEL 602, the first-born of the Creatives Solutions family, is a modular LED luminaire that offers a wide range of various visual effects. Equipped with a continuous unlimited...

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Desde: 1,179.00

Hasta: 1,990.00

ETC, Source Four LED

LED | Luces Inteligentes

#CAT4260 Versatile, theater-quality LED lightingIt's a Source Four® and an LED. ETC created Source Four LED™ luminaires to produce the most beautiful light possible from an LED source....

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Desde: 1,509.00

Hasta: 4,199.00

ROBE, CycBar 15

LED | Luces Inteligentes

#CAT4888 CycBar 15 is a lightweight static 1.000 mm linear strip which uses 15 equally spaced, super bright RGBW multichip LEDs for enhanced 18-bit smooth colour mixing and linear dimming without...

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Desde: 3,650.00

Hasta: 3,650.00

SGM, P10

LED | Luces Inteligentes

#CAT5208 The SGM P-10 is a unique and extremely powerful all-in-one LED luminaire, ideal for stadiums, arenas, convention centers, high-rise office or hotel buildings, bridges, large format...

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Desde: 3,600.00

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LED | Luces Inteligentes

#CAT4681 Evolution of EASYCOLOR, the first professional LED moving-head, EYEBALL 18 is a static colour-change projector equipped with18-HIGH-POWER LUXEON‚ LEDs. EYEBALL 18 integrates new innovative...

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LED | Luces Inteligentes

#CAT4682 EYESEA 50 is a space-saving luminaire for water-based applications. Equipped with 18 LUXEON K2 High-power LEDs, it comes in two versions. EYESEA 50 RGB offers an unlimited palette of rich...

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ACCLAIM, Rebel Band 600

LED | Luces Inteligentes

#CAT4942 Rebel Band 600 is the largest, highest powered LED ficture in the Acclaim Line. The 104 high powered two individually adjustable panels, which give you the flexibility you need to effectively...

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Hasta: 1,890.00

TMB Products, Flare Q+, Flare LR Q+, Flare, Flare Jr

LED | Luces Inteligentes

#CAT4655 Solaris Flare indoor LED fixtures are combination wash/strobe/blinders with over 1000 Watts of LED RGBWbrightness, 58,000 lumens, instantaneous color mixing, and 1200Hz refresh rate...

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Desde: 3,529.00

Hasta: 5,900.00


LED | Luces Inteligentes

#CAT4634 SUCCESS STORY CONTINUES MAGICPANEL™R represents a variant of the world famous MAGICPANEL™602, which has enjoyed huge international success since its launch. The integration of the features...

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