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This is a Venue S6L System which consists of: (1) S6L-32d surface, Case with 2 monitor mount arms, Keyboard, Trackball, Touch Screen Monitor, (2) monitor arms, (1) - Blank ILOK, (1) - E6L-192, (2) - AVB Cards, (1) - Stage 64 Stage Rack, (8) - 8 channel analog input cards ( total 64 ), (1) - 8 channel AES Output Card ( total 8 ), (1) - 8 channel analog output cards ( total 8 ). Used in very good condition.

VENUE S6L A Revolution in Live SoundReady to take on any type of live production, Avid’s VENUE S6L puts one of the world's most powerful live mixing systems directly under your command. Sporting a robust E6L-192 engine and Avid's battle-tested VENUE software, the S6L provides you with the processing power to support system scalability, seamless Pro Tools integration, and onboard plug-ins, all with channel counts into the hundreds. That processing power culminates in a sleek, rugged 32-fader control surface that utilizes four multi-touchscreens and a customizable workflow to deliver a totally modern live-mixing experience. And since you can configure your system using a choice of industry-standard networking and I/O components (sold separately), you can easily integrate the VENUE | S6L into an existing PA system or employ it as the foundation of a new system tailored to meet the demands of any mixing scenario.S6L control surface provides extensive mix controlSporting four multi-touchscreens, four banks of eight faders, and three banks of 32 knobs, the VENUE | S6L control surface gives you the extensive mix control that modern live sound mixing demands. The Master multi-touchscreen gives you access to the Universe and other pages for main output processing, mix and matrix routing, and many other parameters. A trio of Channel Touch modules provide you with Meters view, various Channel views, and Parameter view. The Master Live central module gives you all the functions you need in a mixer's master section — fader banking, monitoring, recallable fader layouts, user-assignable flex-faders, and more, including a dedicated transport section for easy recording control. Each Channel Fader module gives you eight faders with channel and dynamics meters, and channel name displays with easy-to-see high-resolution OLEDs. You'll also have all necessary channel controls at your fingertips including mute, solo, and safe functions. For total control of your sound, the Channel Knob modules provide 32 touch-sensitive, tri-color encoders for parameter control, individual OLED displays, a switch that allows selection of each knob individually and one that lets you insert or remove a knob's specific parameter from your signal path.Master multi-touchscreenMaster Live central module3 Channel Touch modules4 Channel Fader modules with eight faders each (total of 32)3 Channel Knob modules with 32 knobs each (total of 96)E6L-192 mix engine is a processing powerhouseWhether onstage or in a broadcast studio, live productions are more complex than ever, requiring truckloads of processing power to get the job done. The VENUE S6L's 192 channel-capable E6L-192 mix engine is up to the task and provides plenty of juice to spare. The E6L-192's state-of-the-art real-time processing engine handles all routing, channel, and mixing functions for maximum stability and power. And the HDX-powered DSP engine manages all AAX plug-in processing, with full automatic delay compensation. This allows you to create massive, great-sounding mixes with a plethora of processing channels and mix busses, all while experiencing tight, robust plug-in performance. And because all of the processing happens inside of the E6L-192, there are no round trips to external servers. This ensures amazingly low latency.Real-time processing engine handles mixing functionsDSP engine manages AAX plug-in processingFull automatic delay compensationAmazingly low latencyMore than your average stageboxAn integral part of the VENUE S6L, the Stage 64 rack goes beyond a mere stagebox. Offering more than just inputs and outputs, the Stage 64 has the tools and flexibility that professional engineers require to accomplish today's productions. The demands for more channels, better sound, and built-in recording capabilities abound in today's entertainment venues, houses of worship, broadcast productions, and professional AV environments. Avid's VENUE | S6L is the system that will move you away from a pieced-together system that barely works, and towards one that will serve as a solid foundation for growing productions and advancing technologies. The Stage 64 rack serves this goal with 64 microphone preamps that deliver great sound, clarity, warmth, and presence, along with 32 outputs for monitor mixes, aux-fed subs, and zone mixing, giving you the output flexibility to send audio virtually anywhere you desire.64 great-sounding microphone preamps32 ultra-flexible outputsSend audio virtually anywhere you needMix, match, and expand your systemWith its ultra-scalable modular system architecture, the VENUE | S6L lets you mix and match your choice of control surfaces, engines, and I/O to support virtually any live sound application. You get 12 I/O card slots, two Ethernet AVB ports, and dual MADI outputs, giving you a direct split of all 64 inputs for a separate monitor mixer. You can add up to four HDX DSP expansion cards for more plug-in processing power, a Thunderbolt card to capitalize on the speed and high channel count of Thunderbolt connectivity, or a Dante card for compatibility with a multitude of sound reinforcement devices. You can connect several Stage 64 racks together for hundreds of I/O channels, or you can use its card slots to add a combination of analog and digital I/O, networked audio operations, or direct integration of your Aviom personal monitor system.Mix and match your choice of components12 I/O card slots2 Ethernet AVB ports2 MADI outputsAdd up to 4 HDX DSP cardsInterface with Dante or Thunderbolt devicesConnect additional Stage 64 racks for more I/OHarness the power of VENUE live production softwareThe brain behind all of E6L's processing muscle is the VENUE live production software. If you're new to mixing with VENUE, you'll find that its straightforward tabbed-page architecture lets you navigate quickly and easily through the pages essential for routing and mixing. If you're already familiar with VENUE software, there's virtually no learning curve with the S6L system thanks to Avid's dedication to making your mix experience as uncomplicated as possible. And with increased-visibility updates to the interface, it's just as easy to mix an outdoor music festival in the full sun as it is inside a darkened theater. On top of that, VENUE software offers seamless integration with Pro Tools, providing you with incredibly powerful live recording capabilities. In fact, VENUE software automatically creates a Pro Tools session from your current VENUE show file, complete with all track names and patching, giving you simultaneous control over your live mixing and recording rigs.Straightforward tabbed-page architectureNavigate pages quickly and easilyHighly visible, easy-to-see interfaceSeamless integration with Pro Tools for live recordingA wealth of plug-in processing powerWhen you mix on a VENUE S6L system, you have access to the same effects plug-ins that are used in the world's top recording studios. And you can use lots of them! Thanks to the S6L's HDX-powered DSPs, you've got enough processing power to polish and fine-tune each and every channel of your mix to perfection. Compatible with both Avid and third-party 64-bit AAX DSP plug-ins, the S6L ensures that you have an amazingly vast number of choices for effects and sound processing.HDX-powered effects processingCompatible with all AAX DSP plug-insFine-tune each and every channel to perfectionMassive mix bus capacity for powerful monitoringThanks to its massive mix bus capacity, the VENUE S6L system is able to handle dozens of stereo in-ear monitor mixes, wedge mixes, and backline mixes without breaking a sweat, all while providing immediate one-touch access to any mix on its faders. You get two independent stereo solo buses that are assignable to any physical output, so you can easily connect it to a cue belt pack and/or listen wedge. You also get two built-in headphone jacks on the S6L control surface.Handles dozens of stereo monitor mixes1-touch access to any mix2 independent stereo solo buses2 built-in headphone jacksPowerful features and steadfast reliability

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