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Chainmaster, VarioLift Plug & Play Package of 22 units + SIL2-Hoist-Cable + Variator + Distro 32 + Case


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Last Updated 08/30/2018

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This is a complete Plug & Play VarioLift Package of 22 x Chain Hoist Chainmaster 250Kgs VarioLift (SIL2), 64 x SIL2-Hoist-Cable VarioLift 10.0m, 21 x SIL2-Hoist-Cable VarioLift 40.0m, 20 x Variator VarioLift 250, 03 x Distro32 -> 8x16/5 3xSch VarioL, 22 x Case Chainmaster VarioLift 250 (1), 02 x SIL2 VarioLift Guidance System, 02 x Case VarioLift Guidance System, 02 x SIL2-Computer VarioLift, 02 x PC Keyboard "DE", DIN-Connector, 02 x PC Mouse 3-button, Sub-D-Connector, 02 x Schuko M -> IEC C13 F, 01 x SIL 2-Monitor, 01 x Schuko M -> IEC C13F. Sold as a complete package. Additional info:Exact Model VBG-C70Hoists chain length is 75FtYear of manufacture 2004A/C – D/C : 400V-3 Phase1 fall chain Operations Manual supplied by Chainmaster Germany (attached)Software Manual supplied by Chainmaster Germany (attached). These motors were certified by German Authorities on February 2014. This is the hardest standard in the world ,and very expensive as well. They were certified as working in 100% operational condition. These motors were purchased pre-owned in 2014, but never used because the installation they were going to be used for was never finished and therefore, customer decided to sell them.

The VarioLift, which was 18 months in the development and testing prior to its introduction in 1998, has turned out to be a world-wide success. It would be difficult to name another item of stage equipment that celebrated events and stage designers have taken to with quite the same enthusiasm and made an essential component of their creative work.

The VarioLift offers maximum precision and reproducibility when positioning the hoist. At the heart of the system sits an integrated, vector-controlled frequency converter supplied by a highimpulse incremental encoder. The upshot is a degree of positional accuracy that seems scarcely believable: 0.2 millimetres!

The VarioLift product range includes models for loads ranging from 125 kg to 6.300 kg conforming to the BGV-C1 standard. A model is available, then, for applications as diverse as scenery movement at 30 m/min to the lifting of heavy loads.

The VarioLift family of products offers various levels of control. Applications of every kind are realizable, ranging from simple tasks using the ProTouch StageOperator via the tried-and-tested INTERBUS control system for set-up operations through to the XYZ Controller, the IEC-61508 / SIL3-standard state of the art system. Combined with the latest frequency converters, the performance of VarioLift chain hoists is practically unmatched. Full torque delivery at standstill for a duration of several minutes, two absolute encoders for software-controlled emergency and end limit switches are just two of our innovations.

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